Introducing JudeRants™

Paradoxical disclaimer: The fact that JudeRants is trademarked is an entirely fabricated (and only mildly intentional) implication. I just thoroughly enjoy tastefully peppering my writing with various unauthorized symbols of intellectual property protection, so expect tons of that here. “Here” includes, but is not limited to: the confines of this blog, the omni-applicable “here” that refers to the existence of humanity as a cosmic fluke, and my overall presence.

I’ve barely written two sentences and my train of thought is already starting to digress towards a bizarre, nonsensical, and mildly offensive existential brain regurgitation that I don’t even understand myself, so I’m just going artlessly cut to the chase here:

Welcome to what is supposed to be a manifestation of my unconscious inferences and apperceptions of life!

You’re right, at this point I’m just liberally dispensing Helmholtz and Wundt terminology like a Pez container in the likeness of a forefather of psychology. But essentially, this virtual space is where I write what I’m thinking.

Why? Because, frankly, I don’t want to lose my voice in the incubator of fact indoctrination that is society today. And also because I like writing. And also because the next entry I brainstormed on my “Exploring Creative Outlets” list involved starting a fashion blog, which is hilarious. Resorting to that measure would have obviously been a disaster because my summer #ootd line up for the past few days has been fuzzy socks and polka dot pyjama pants, which I fully consider to be couture but I’m not sure other people would buy into that.

Thus we find ourselves here: armed with grammatical ineptitude (feel free to take a shot every time you find a run-on sentence) and a painfully sarcastic take on life, I am ready to write into cyber oblivion. And here I go.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Mohamed negmi says:

    Wow Jude! That was so good!!!!!!

    Keep up the good work


    1. Jude H says:

      Haha thanks for your inspiring words, Negmi!


  2. Good luck with your blogging. A unique voice is a great first step. On the issue of TM: I actually got one for my blog, much to the dismay of my copyright attorney who kept telling me it wasn’t that important. Nevertheless, I persevered and after much more effort than I expected, prevailed. Sigh.


    1. Jude says:

      Thank you so much, Jacqui! Congrats on finally getting trademarked, I’m glad it worked out!


  3. calensariel says:

    Absolutely entertaining Introduction page! Thanks so much for the follow, Jude. I look forward to seeing you around the blogs! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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